What Should You Do Before Buying UTVs or Side-by-sides


ATVs and side-by-sides were initially only used for recreational purposes such as taking an off-road tour, but it can also be useful in your daily life. The people living in the countryside, rural areas, or farms can use these vehicles to travel easily.

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Tips when buying ATVs or Side-by-sides

The following are some tips that could be helpful for you before buying UTVs.

  • Take UTV out for a test ride: You must take time in carefully considering the kind of UTV that you want to buy. Give yourself time to take the vehicle out for a test drive. Make sure the vehicle starts, stops, stabilizes, speeds, and exhausts properly.
  • Choose a genuine seller: At times you may come across deceptive sellers who will try to get more money out of you while selling you a bad product. You can easily spot a deceptive seller as they will try to manipulate you by talking you into items that you don’t even want.
  • Check the driveline: ATVs are four-wheelers that are designed to withstand off-roads and difficult terrain. They are also equipped with axles and CV boots which make up your driveline. Make sure that your driveline does not make any noise. Also, check the CV boots to make sure that there are no cracks.

  • Check for low or dirty coolant: UTVs usually have a liquid-cooled engine so coolant levels are important to check before you buy a UTV. The color of the coolant should be green and orange and the consistency should be right for it to act as a lubricant. Furthermore, ensure that you cool down the engine after the test drive to take off the radiator cap.
  • Inspect the tires: You usually will not need to replace the UTV tires. However, if you are buying second-hand ones, then make sure the tires are in good condition. Or you can negotiate a lower price if you have to replace them later.


The tips provided above are things you must remember before buying a UTV. Make sure that you do your research first to select the one most suitable for you.

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