The Cost-efficient Laboratory: Should you buy new or used laboratory furniture?


Buying used lab furniture can be a smart way to save money and reduce environmental impact for your laboratory. However, depending on your needs, and the source of supply, it may not always be the most cost-effective solution. Sometimes, a new mobile lab bench might be worth investing in, compared to a used one. But when you do buy used, there are some additional aspects that you should be aware of before making a purchase.

Buying Used Lab Furniture: The bright side

It’s important to clarify: “Used” does not necessarily mean “dilapidated”. For instance, depending on where you source them from, either slightly used or new lab tables might function equally well. On the bright side, you’ll enjoy:  

·       Lower cost: Buying used lab furniture can help you save up to 50% or more compared to buying new furniture. This can free up your budget for other expenses, such as equipment, supplies, or personnel.

·       Environmental benefits: Buying used lab furniture can reduce the amount of waste and emissions generated by the production and disposal of new furniture. You can also support the circular economy by giving a second life to existing resources.

·        Faster delivery: Buying used lab furniture can save you time, as you do not have to wait for the manufacturing and shipping of new furniture. You can also find a wider range of options and styles available in the market.

Cons of Buying Used Lab Furniture: The down side

Of course, you can never compare a new mobile lab bench with a previously used one. But if you watch out for some aspects of your purchases, you might get a real deal in a used piece too:

·       Quality and safety issues: Buying used lab furniture can pose some risks, as you may not know the history and condition of the furniture. Mitigate those risks by always inspecting the furniture carefully before buying.

·       Compatibility and compliance issues: It can also create some challenges, as you may not find the exact fit or specifications that you need for your laboratory. Mitigate that by checking if the furniture meets the standards and regulations of your industry and location.

·       Hidden costs: Used lab furniture can sometimes involve additional costs that you may not anticipate, such as maintenance, or repair. Factor them when comparing prices with new furniture, and negotiate with the seller for the best deal. 

Making Used Lab Furniture Work for You

Whether it’s lab tables that you are looking for, or whether it’s a host of other furniture, such as mobile benches, hoods or cabinets; it’s vital to do your research. Before buying used lab furniture, you should do some homework on the market, the seller, and the product. You should look for reputable and reliable sellers who have positive reviews and ratings from previous customers. You should also compare prices and quality across different sources and platforms.

At LEI Sales, our online catalogue comprises a range of used and new furniture. If you find something you are interested in, don’t hesitate to check out the product information on our website, or contact us for additional details.

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