The Best Guide to Buying Corrugated Cardboard Boxes


Corrugated cardboard boxes are lightweight, resilient, and strong. They provide great protection for nearly an item. The thick, strong arrangement of cards makes up the walls of a cardboard box. Such a combination offers them high strength and resistance to bumps, crushing, and knocks. If you are looking to invest in corrugated cardboard boxes, read on to know more about them:

Uses of a Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard can be used for different applications including housing items using a corrugated cardboard box. Such innovation construction features 3 separate materials and gets its super strength from the combination of these three. The concertina card in the centre is tightly packed within two layers of fluting to give strength across the width of the card to both sides of the material.

Some people use thinner, more lightweight materials with one layer of corrugated for a light and strong box. These are known as single wall boxes. Others use many layers of corrugate made form a thicker card.

Are Corrugated Cardboards Recyclable?

Corrugated cardboard can be recycled and biodegradable. Although it can take a long time, it will break down into the environment. It will degrade much faster when wet and broken into small pieces. Once broken down, especially if they are pallet or export boxes, boxes can be quite big. If you don’t have space for storing them on site between recycling collections, you will want to shred them.

Kinds of Corrugated Boards

It is imperative to pick the style of the box you want. Vrious kinds have different specialties that your product might need.

Here are some of the most popular types of corrugated boards:

  • Full-overlap container. This type of box has sets of outer flaps fully overlapping one another to cover the container’s full width. It features wider flaps and extra thickness on the top and bottom, making it ideal for products that require more protection.
  • Regular slotted container. This is often what you picture in your head when thinking of a package. This box has all flaps having the same length with the two outer length flaps being one-half of the container’s width. Thus, they meet at the centre of the box when closed.
  • Full telescope design. This box consists of a separate top and bottom that fit over every other with flaps joining on the side or end panels. If this box is pulled apart, they make two-scored and slotted trays that have flat bottoms.

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