Overlanding In a Jeep? Buy The Right Equipment & Gear!


If you are someone who loves the journey more than the destination itself, overlanding is for you. What exactly is overlanding? Simply put, overlanding refers to often long and extensive journeys, where the destination is not the prime goal. Overlanding trips for many travelers often extend into months or even years, so you can imagine the fun on the road. Of course, this also means being fully-prepped for the trip. No matter what kind of vehicle you are using, you need to have all basic & essential gear with you, because roads used may be less-traveled, or unknown to you.

The basics

Overlanding in a Jeep may sound fun, but it is critical to be ready for on-road risks, and you want to mitigate these risks to the best possible extent. First things first, figure out remote communication. Even when you are on a road that’s not connected to mobile networks, you should be able to send a SOS call, if needed. Next, you need old-school paper maps, at least the basic maps. If you can have advanced navigation gear, nothing like it. Also, it’s important to get some form of medical training before you start the journey. Keep in mind that you may not have access to medical facilities. Ensure that you have the basic medical products and equipment too.

Get your vehicle essentials

You need to get a few basic things for the jeep. The list includes bump stops, OEM kits, parts, shocks and springs at the least. The good news is there are many online stores that have overlanding gear for varied needs, so you can sort your options and find products based on how experienced you are, or how long you intend to travel. Ready kits are also handy for starters. For instance, you definitely need winch accessories, reliable winter tires, deflator, and so on.

Think of the extras

You are on the road, so don’t always expect fancy hotels. Get nice tents, foldable chairs, so that you can have a good-night’s sleep along the way. You will find online lists of handy accessories that may help along the way, so get what you can.

We recommend that you consider the basic gear and equipment that will keep your vehicle in condition, because if you can move ahead, you can always find help along the way for other things.

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