Is There a Best Time to Buy Your Wedding Dress?


Those early months after you get engaged are so blissful and full of joy and love. As the bride, there are many things that you must be ready to get into in terms of planning your wedding and there is nothing more important than buying your wedding dress. There are a few streams of thought when it comes to what time of year and how long before the wedding itself is the best time to buy your wedding dress, and we’ve come to the conclusion that on average the best time to do it is in January, no matter when you are looking to have your actual wedding. Here, we set out the reasons why, and offer some tips on how to create the perfect wedding day with bridal boutiques and wedding dress suppliers that give you the best chance to have your dream wedding.

January is a great time for those summer brides, which is quite a high number. For those weddings taking place from late May through to the end of August, January is the perfect time to buy the wedding dress. It leaves enough time to choose the shoes and the gown that you want to wear on your big day, it also gives enough time to have a few fittings in the build-up to the wedding day. In most cases, a bridal gown can be prepared fully within 5-6 months, meaning any summer wedding has that January date as the critical time of year to be buying the dress. This isn’t always the case of course, with other suppliers of wedding dresses and bridal gown boutiques requiring up to 9-months in total to prepare a dress.

Another reason January is a good time to buy a wedding dress is because it is the time of year where new wedding dress selections begin to hit the market, and older styles will be removed at the end of the year with this in mind. This post-Christmas season is also the time where we see a lot of proposals, and what better time is there for a newly engaged woman to take a look around at potential wedding dresses than this time of year?

January is the time when not only new lines of bridal gowns come onto market, but it is also where bridal retailers offer up some sample sales, allowing you access to a wider range of potential styles and dresses, although we would always advise that you go with an expert bridal boutique to conduct a proper wedding dress fitting.

As you can see, there are a few reasons why the start of the year might be the best time for you to buy your wedding dress. Every bride is different of course, and every wedding has its own unique theme and story to tell. Whenever you do decide to buy your wedding dress, make sure that you choose a bridal boutique that you trust, that relaxes you, showcases a range of styles and wedding dresses and one that also leaves you with enough time to make any necessary alterations to the dress in the run up to your big day.

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