Interested In Buying Cannabis Concentrates In Colorado? Check This Guide!


Colorado is one of 11 states in the US to have legalized cannabis for both medical and recreational use. You must 21 years or older to buy cannabis in the state, and can possess one ounce of marijuana at a given point. There are many dispensaries that sell cannabis concentrates in Colorado, but before you buy, here is a look at the basics.

Knowing the laws

Cannabis concentrates, in general, contain a much higher level of THC. THC is the only compound in cannabis that’s psychoactive, or produces a high. Laws in Colorado were changed in 2016, keeping in mind that cannabis contain more THC, and therefore, buyers shouldn’t be allowed as much of concentrate as flowers. There are guidelines for ‘Marijuana Equivalency’ in the state, and it is best to understand the details. In case of edibles, you can buy 800 mg as compared one ounce of flower, while for concentrates, the limit is 8 grams for each ounce of flower. In other words, you cannot buy more than 8 gram of concentrate in the state at one go.

About using concentrates

True to the name, concentrates are designed to have more of THC, and examples include wax, shatter and hashish. Most cannabis concentrates are consumed by dabbing, for which a dab rig is used. Concentrates are not for everyone and shouldn’t be used carelessly. If you are someone who has never used cannabis, or are new to the experience, go for flowers or smoking, or in case you don’t like smoking, just get edibles. Concentrates must be used with great care, and a little goes a long way as far as effects are concerned. Besides THC and other cannabinoids, concentrates also contain a concentrated level of terpenes, which adds to the flavor and experience. Seasoned users love concentrates for the experience alone.

Tips for buying concentrates

If you want to buy the best concentrates in the state, find a dispensary that offers all the information and has a wider range of products. Wax and shatter are the best concentrates to start with, and budtenders can help you decide which concentrate to buy. It is also important to review the THC content. Products or concentrates with higher THC content should be used responsibly, and store your concentrates in the way recommended, so as to retain the terpenes.

Uses as recommended and responsibly, concentrates can change your experience with cannabis!

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