Important uses for dog collars


Have you ever thought of how your dog’s collar can be useful for anything other than keeping your pet under control? Of course, it’s a great tool for keeping your dog close to you while walking and for pulling it back when it gets over-excited. But it can also be used to give information about your canine to other people. Here are some important uses for dog collars.

Dog and owner details

If your dog ever goes missing, it can be hard for it to find its way home. And if someone finds your pet, they can’t just ask where it came from. That’s why you should get a tag with the dog’s details and attach it to the collar. You can include your dog’s name and your phone number or home address. If you’re not comfortable with having both your number and your address, just choose one. You can also write down any medical needs your pet has. For example, if they need medication everyday so the person who finds them knows how important it is to get them home or to a vet as quickly as possible. Microchip information can also be useful. Just mention if the dog is microchipped or not. That way the finder can bring your pet to the nearest vet and get more info on you there.

Color-coded collars

There is a system of color-coded collars which can give more information to people who don’t know your dog. You can use this system to keep your dog safe from passersby who might impulsively want to touch or feed your dog. It will also keep other people safe from your dog if they are nervous and might lash out when someone is nearby. The main colors are: green, orange, red, purple, yellow, and white. The first three refer to how approachable your dog is. A green collar means that anyone can approach, and red means that no one should approach. This means both people and dogs. Orange means that dogs shouldn’t be allowed to approach but people can. Purple means that your dog shouldn’t be fed. Maybe you have a strict diet for them or they have allergies. Yellow means it’s a nervous dog so people should just be aware. Finally, white can mean that your dog is blind or deaf. If you think this system can be useful to you, start using it. You can even get dog leads that match the collar system.

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