How to Successfully Buy Vintage Men’s Shirts


Vintage is having a moment these days. Fashion houses have always mined this type of clothing for designs but more and more people are investing in it to create a fashion statement. They find vintage shopping a worthwhile experience and if you are on the market for mens vintage shirts, below are some tips you must keep in mind:

Don’t’ Ignore the Little Things

It is imperative to know your preferred measurements which include your body’s and your favorite clothing pieces. Make sure to inspect tags for era and material. Consider bringing a tape measure whenever you shop in physical stores. Also, build healthy relationships with many tailors. Keep in mind that clothing can look better in photos than in the real world.

Touch Every Piece

Touching clothes right away tells you how well made they are. This will let you differentiate a very old piece than a not-so-old one. Old clothing and good clothing feel different from trash. And although quality is not enough to make a piece worth buying, it can make you stop and check it out. If you shop on clothes good to the touch, you will be able to concentrate only on important pieces.

Get a Tailor

Thank kickboxer body-fat levels tend to look good in seriously baggy and boxy clothing. If you are not one of them, it might be best to tailor and tape. Also, tailoring clothes makes them unique and in line with the whole reason you are purchasing vintage in the first place.

Explore All Shopping Options

When shopping for clothes other people have worn, you will want to graze hangers, go to each flea market, and visit online stores. If you look at every seller’s other items, purchase magazines, and sign-up for each fly-by-night vintage clothing app, you can succeed at high levels and get the 80s shirts mens you have been looking to wear.

Always Say Yes

In vintage, speculating is the game. However, vintage is cheaper than new-build condos and new clothing and tends to last longer than either. Thus, if you are in doubt, just purchase, purchase, purchase. Every item for sale is almost always worth it, so while you are at it, just enjoy the experience. Five years ago, nobody cared about vintage sweatshirts and T-shirts and the went for nothing. Vintage clothing can have a three-digit price tag and can be worn when you go to a restaurant. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a piece of clothing that can make you happy.

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