How To Know Your Gemstone Jewellery Is Authentic


When you are looking to purchase gemstone jewellery, you will need to ensure you are purchasing authentic gems, and there are various ways you can do this. One of the best ways is to send them to a gemstone testing laboratory, but this is not always possible if you have not bought the jewellery yet. However, there are things you can do, and below is a summary of how to test various gems to see if they are natural or artificial.

Testing Diamonds

Diamonds are a tough natural gem, and there is a simple way to test if they are genuine using glass. If you have a small mirror or bit of glass, you can use this to see if the diamond is real or fake. A genuine diamond can cut glass easily, while fake ones cannot, so it is genuine if the diamond can cut the glass or mirror. You can also use the fog test and breathe hot air onto the diamond, so it fogs up like glass. If the fog quickly dissipates, it is real, while fake diamonds will take longer to clear.

Testing Rubies

Rubies are another type of gemstone commonly used for jewellery, and there are genuine and fake ones used. You can test a ruby by scratching it using either your fingernail or a coin. If you can scratch the surface of the ruby and see the mark left, it is most likely not authentic. You can also look at the colour to determine whether it is real or not, as a genuine ruby should have a solid and vibrant colour. If the colour is rather dull, then the ruby is most likely not a real natural one.

Testing Sapphires

If the gems you are looking to test are sapphires, you can use many of the same methods as diamonds to see if they are genuine or not. You can use a piece of glass to see if the sapphire can cut or leave a mark on it as they are extremely hard gemstones like diamonds. You can also look at the internal structure of the sapphire to see if it is real. It is most likely real if you can spot inclusions and imperfections in the gem when you look at it with light and a magnifying glass. If you cannot see any imperfections, it is most likely an imitation and made using glass.

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