Guidelines to Select and Buy the Best Washer and Dryer


The other day when I was in conversation with a friend, we were talking about how our grandparents and even some of our parents used to do laundry. Those long lines used to dry laundry and the clothes pins that used to secure the laundry in place have become the story of the past.

Today’s life is fast. No one has that kind of time to do laundry or dry them in lines. Everyone uses washer and dryer to get their laundry done and they get it cupboard dry out of their dryers. Thus, while buying washers and dryers, deciding on which company and model to buy and from where to buy them is an important decision.

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Tips to choose your washer and dryer

Some of the features of washing machines are listed and explained below. Read and understand this so that based on the features you need. You can select the model of the washer and dryer.

  • Temperature control – Some of the washing machines give you the option of choosing the temperature of the water used for washing. They have settings like cold, warm and hot water to be used for washing.

  • Wash cycle – There are different types of clothes that we use and our laundry needs differs on a day to day basis. Having different wash cycles helps in washing our different clothes differently.
  • Front loading or top loading – The front loading is more traditional and least expensive option. The wash cycles are usually quicker whereas the top loading models are slower, gentler on the cloths and much better for the cloths.
  • Delayed start features – If this feature is available then you can set the specifications and choose the wash cycle etc. but can start the washing at a later time than immediately.
  • Laundry load sensor – If this feature is available, it prompts when the load for a particular cycle of laundry is more than what the machine can handle.
  • Gas and electrical dryers – These are the two types of dryers and the main difference is the former is more efficient, but also expensive than the electric dryers.

I am sure this article will help you understand various types and features of the washers and dryers that are available so that you could get the best one for you.

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