Wednesday 6 December 2023
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Excellent Souvenirs When On Holiday Colombia

Excellent Souvenirs When On Holiday Colombia

Colombia is a fascinating country to visit and the people are warm and friendly to tourists when you are there. When you visit you may wish to take home some souvenirs of your trip and there is plenty of choices to take home with you that will make perfect mementos or gifts. Below are some of the most popular items with tourists to buy when visiting Colombia that you may want to purchase when you are there on holiday.

Colombian Coffee

Colombia is known worldwide for the delicious coffee it produces, and it can make for the perfect reminder of your time in this beautiful country. Each region of the country specialises in specific coffee beans, so there is plenty of choices depending on which coffee you prefer. It can also make an excellent gift for your friends who are also coffee lovers and shows them you were thinking of them while enjoying your holiday in South America.

Local Handicrafts

You can also purchase plenty of beautiful handicrafts while you are there, handmade by Colombia’s indigenous people, such as Wayuu bags. These shoulder bags are available in a wide variety of colours and designs and are the perfect reminder of your trip to the country as well as gifts for friends and family. It can take over a month to produce one bag by hand, and the quality of these items is fantastic. You also get to give back to the local community, making a significant difference in their lives, so it is worth doing.

Fantastic Pieces Of Art

There are many talented artists in Colombia which means you can pick up beautiful pieces of art while you are there to bring home with you. Whether you are looking for something to hang on the wall or display on your fireplace, there are plenty of choices available from which you can choose.

Beautiful Jewellery

Colombia is also known for the beautiful silver jewellery the skilled artisans produce in the country, making an excellent souvenir of your trip there. You will find a wide variety of rings, bracelets and necklaces available, as well as other types of jewellery.

Buy A Colombian Hat

When you are in Colombia, you will notice that many people wear hats, which is an excellent way to keep the sun off your head when it is warm. You may wish to purchase one of these when you are there to help protect your head, and it is a good idea if your hair is thinning on top and can help prevent sunburn on your head and face. They can also make excellent gifts for your friends and family back home and are relatively inexpensive items.