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One of the watch industry’s most exciting subcategories is the luxury sports watch. Gerald Genta and Audemars Piguet created the Royal Oak in 1972, a sporty but expensively made steel wristwatch with an integrated band. The majority of luxury brands shared their opinions on the market. This piece was Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s initial watchmaking initiative in 1980 (he is currently Chopard’s co-President). And it is once again featured in the latest¬†Chopard Alpine Eagle.

Read the Backstory

The Alpine Eagle is indeed a cutting-edge rendition of a St. Moritz as Chopard re-enters the market for luxury sports watches. The company did a fantastic job of turning this design from 1980 into a modern timepiece. Interestingly enough, the watch was revived today because Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s grandson Karl-Fritz insisted on modernizing the design with the support of his grandpa Karl. Just like he had been able to persuade his father 40 years prior, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele was persuaded after initially being hesitant. Three generations of a narrative.


The Chopard Alpine Eagle has an integrated and somewhat tapered bracelet, which is traditional for the category. With a refined and slightly elevated center link, it has an ingot-shaped link. It is available in two sizes, 41mm or 36mm, with ten references. Both steel and steel-and-gold versions of the variant are offered. The little variant is available in golden with or without diamonds, gold and steel, and steel with gold.

Details of The Watch

The 8-screw bezel and unusual crown guards on either side of the watch make the Chopard Alpine Eagle’s case stand out. As is common in this category, the primary casing has a tonneau design, and blends brushed surfaces with strategically placed finished accents on the corners. The modern Alpine Eagle looks more contemporary than the watch that inspired its design, thanks to its round bezel. Although the casing isn’t exactly “ultra-thin,” with a 9.7mm dimension, it is nonetheless elegant enough to feel secure without being too delicate.

The Alpine Eagle uses a textured dial, a traditional element of the premium sports watch category, for both the dial and the display. Here, you find something with a radial impact and a deep, uneven texture with loads of depth and intricacies that feels like a Chopard. The watch has a lot of positive qualities overall. The Royal Oak, as well as Nautilus, dominates the luxurious watch market, which is fiercely competitive. The watch’s facelift does give it a sleeker, more contemporary appearance if the ancestry is clear. It would help if you tried the watch firsthand to see how it works. The large model’s suggested retail price is CHF 12,450, and the small model is CHF 9,760.

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