Thursday 7 December 2023
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Choose the Wedding Ring Design That is Right for You

Choose the Wedding Ring Design That is Right for You

For many, a wedding ring signifies an eternal commitment to a significant other; an endless bond that is wrapped tightly around a finger. They are personal in their meaning to the wearer and project how the wearer feels when they think about marriage. It is because of this deep personal connection that wedding ring designs are so varied and intricate. Each wearer’s tastes and styles are different, and knowing this, jewelers created and sell a large amount of unique and beautiful wedding ring designs.

If you are in the joyous position of searching for the wedding ring design that matches your style and personality and is one that you will be proud to wear every day, here are a few of the leading design styles to look for.

Simple Band

The simple wedding band has been one of the most popular wedding ring designs since the advent of sealing a marriage with a ring. It’s classic design and exudes a soft confidence and accents the wearer’s traditional style. Without the adornment of a diamond or precious gem, simple bands draw attention to their curved features and delicate luster. It is not a ring that draws the eye.

A simple band wedding ring is particularly popular with men, as most men prefer not to have any decorative stone on their hand. The classic gentlemanly look involves a sharp dressed man in a suit with a subtle, yet powerful wedding ring on his finger. It is this look that many grooms choose to emulate during their wedding, which is why the design is so popular.

Women too prefer the simple band for their wedding ring, leaving the more intricate and opulent ring designs for engagement rings. For many women, a wedding ring is worn every day and therefore needs to be functional, not delicate.


If there is a wedding ring design that best symbolizes the commitment to marriage, it is the eternity ring. By name alone, these rings denote a lifelong commitment to a significant other and are a daily reminder of the life adventure taken together.

Eternity rings are not limited to just being wedding rings. In fact, they are most popular for anniversaries or birthdays as a complement to a wedding ring and an engagement ring. That said, in terms of pure symbolism, eternity rings are hard to beat, which is why they often make the most ideal wedding rings.

Custom Design

Because wedding rings are so personal, many couples choose to design their own. By working with a professional jewelry designer, couples can choose the band, fitting, and stone type they want that best represents their marriage. This option is popular with creative couples who want to choose something more meaningful to them.

Some couples even elect to make their own rings. Many blacksmiths offer an option for engaged couples to make their own wedding rings. They can choose the metal that best fits their preferences and forge it themselves under the supervision of the blacksmith. In many cases, one partner will forge the ring for the other partner, thus adding a deeper level of personal affection.