All You Wanted To Know Before Buying Terrazzo Tile!


Selecting the right flooring option is often confusing. Homeowners are always looking to balance aesthetic appeal with durability, and if you don’t want to settle for the standard options, you can consider the choice of terrazzo tile. The beauty of terrazzo tiles lies in the pattern, but these are also extremely durable and are often made of materials like granite, marble, and stone. If you would like to have a flooring with texture, this is easily the most-trending idea. In this post, we are sharing all you want to know about terrazzo tiles!

How are terrazzo tiles made?

The traditional beauty of terrazzo tiles has been replicated by many brands. The best ones include cement as the base layer, on which bits of stone are added, which add to the appearance and pattern. Once the cement has dried with the stone bits, the tile is sanded properly to get a smooth finish, following which a sealant is applied. Many manufacturers now have terrazzo tiles that are made to order, which can be considered for both commercial and residential projects.

Why consider terrazzo tiles?

First and foremost, terrazzo tiles are versatile. You can consider them as the best choice for textured flooring, but these tiles for backsplashes too, or to create patterns on the wall. There are all sorts of designs and styles to choose from, and some are obviously better than others, depending on the décor theme you need. Neutral colors and palettes are in trend at the moment, but terrazzo tiles are great for bathrooms and kitchens in general. As with any kind of cement tile, the USP of terrazzo tiles also lies in durability. Even with years of extensive use, you can expect these tiles to look the same. This is the precise reason why many old properties still have these tiles, because there is hardly need for maintenance and even replacement.

Final word

If you want to use terrazzo tiles for your home, make sure to consider the theme and design. Installation always has an impact on the look of the tiles you choose, so do not compromise on that part. Also, source your terrazzo tiles from a brand you can rely on. The best terrazzo tiles are meant to last and look the same – and as far as investment is concerned, it is hard to find cement tiles that are as beautiful. Check online for manufacturers, designs and patterns.

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