Saturday 2 December 2023
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All About Buying A Perfect Compost Spreader

All About Buying A Perfect Compost Spreader

Compost is an amazing material that acts as a natural fertilizer. There are many benefits of adding compost to soil, but the two most important ones are – it enhances water retention and helps in maintaining soil structure. Besides, it even improves drainage and ensures plant growth. Now, if you are considering to add some compost to your garden, but are worried thinking how to do it, don’t worry at all, because all you need is a compost spreader.

Fortunately, gone are the days when homeowners had to spread compost all over their gardens manually. Now, there are sturdy compost spreaders available in the market, and they not only make your work easier, but are very user-friendly. Some of the amazingly designed épandeur composte Ecolawn are specifically created to help home owners take good care of their gardens.

These machines might seem expensive, but they are worth every penny. If you have never purchased a compost spreader before, here are a few factors you must consider.

Features to look for when buying a compost spreader

There are many different types of compost spreader are available in the market today. Depending on your personal preference and requirements, you can pick one. However, there are a few factors which you must consider before investing your money in a spreader.

These factors are:


Consider your garden size to figure out the ideal compost spreader capacity. Different types of spreaders have different capacity. For instance, if you have a small to medium size garden, you can go for the handheld spreaders. They will do the job just fine, but since they are smaller in size, you will need frequent compost refills.

However, if you have a large garden to take care of, tow-behind spreaders are perfect for you. They are easy to manage and their hopper capacity will ensure you don’t have to refill often.


Again, considering your garden’s size and shape and select a spreader which will be comfortable to use. Usually, tow-behind spreaders are the best ones, as they make the work of spreading compost quick and easy.


A light-weighted spreader will be easier to handle. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be built using cheap material. So, go for a spreader which is made with solid materials. Now, such spreaders can be expensive, but they will last for years and years.

No matter, whether you want a small or a huge spreader, is your best option. They have a variety of gardening equipment to match the requirement of every home owner. Even if you are into organic farming, tools and accessories from Ecolawn Applicator can be of great help to you.