Thursday 7 December 2023
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A Helpful Buying Guide For Chocolate Enrobing Machine

A Helpful Buying Guide For Chocolate Enrobing Machine

Every chocolate manufacturer will need an enrober to produce on a large-scale. But how to know which enrober will work best for your needs? Yes! You got it right. There are few varieties of the same with additional equipment to enhance the process of enrobing the delicious bars and candies in your store. Before we get into the details of selecting the right chocolate enrobing machine for your specific requirements, you should have an idea about their types, sizes, and varieties.

The industrial enrobers

These come with over 100 inches belts, processing a thousand chocolates per hour and are fit for huge-scale industrial production. It’s needless to say that the wider the belts, the more chocolates will be able processed per hour, thus increasing your production by leaps and bounds. Many suppliers also offer additional perks on their enrobing machines, like a removable stainless steel rack or cooling tunnels to enhance productivity. You should have a clear idea about your requirements to pick the right enrober.

The small/medium scale enrobers

If you have a small confectionery but wish to automate the enrobing process, you can opt for machines with narrower belts (up to 6 inches width) to fulfill your requirements just right. If you need specializations, you can search for enrobers for chilled products, cheese, and wax, or ‘mounds’ of chocolates to expand production varieties.

Energy-efficient enrobers

This is the apt choice for energy-conscious manufacturers, who wish to save more energy, without compromising on their need for automation. These machines generally work directly with tempering equipment to reduce energy consumption without hampering production levels.

Built-in tempering enrobers

These enrobers come with a built-in tempering machine to increase flexibility and provide maximum convenience to the chocolatiers. It doesn’t require any cooling water and can match any kind of production line.

Portable enrobers

If you’re looking for a small-scale, flexible, and portable machine for enrobing the chocolates in your confectionery, this can be your best bet. Mounted on wheels, it can easily be moved from one spot to another and is also quite flexible in terms of production.

Wrapping it up

Before investing in a chocolate enrobing machine, you should know what exactly you need to increase production line and improve the quality of the finished products. It’s also important to find a reliable supplier, who can customize the enrobing solution according to your specific needs and budget. While off-the-shelf machines will seldom have varieties, the customized ones will offer you’re the opportunity to get additional benefits. So make your decision after considering all these factors.