Thursday 7 December 2023
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5 Reasons To Use Crossdraw Holsters

5 Reasons To Use Crossdraw Holsters

Crossdraw holsters are a type of holster that is worn on the side away from the dominant hand. They are worn by law enforcement and civilians alike, for off-duty and concealed carry.

A crossdraw holster is attached at the front of your body. This makes it very easy to draw your weapon using only one hand. It also means that you can access your gun even if you are sitting or driving, both very common activities for people carrying handguns for personal protection. Carrying in this manner is called “cross draw”, which is where the name originates.

They can be an excellent choice for any situation where you need to maintain a low profile, as they tend to conceal better than other styles of holsters due to their wider availability

Many people may not be completely aware of what a cross draw holster is but it is certainly something that you should take into account when you are choosing the best holster for your gun. Here are the main reasons why this should be your first choice:

  • Comfort

One reason many people prefer crossdraw holsters is because they are comfortable to wear. The weight of the weapon is distributed across your body instead of sitting on one side or another all day. This can help make carrying your weapon much more comfortable than it would be in some of the other styles. Also, since it crosses over your torso, there is less pressure on any one spot than there would be with other styles like shoulder holsters or ankle holsters. This helps you to avoid being fatigued after long periods of wear.

Because there isn’t a large amount of pressure against a single point on your body, there is less risk of injury from wearing it for a long time or carrying a heavy handgun.

  • Quick Draw

Crossdraw holsters are very fast when it comes to drawing your weapon. They are unlike any other style of the holster on the planet and make it easy for you to get your gun out, no matter how slow or fast you need it to be. If a criminal is chasing you and you need your gun right away, crossdraw holsters will get it out without fail.

  • Keeps Your Hands Free

Crossdraw holsters are typically worn on the waistband and attached at the hip. This means that they keep your hands free so that you can do other things while carrying one. If you need to open a door or pick something up with your hands, this is especially handy. It also makes it easier for you to wear normal clothing and avoid printing if you’re wearing a jacket or long shirt.

  • Safety

Crossdraw holsters are also very safe because they move the firearm away from the centerline of your body and reduce the risk of accidental discharge when you are seated in a vehicle or chair.

  • Concealment (On-Body)

Crossdraw holsters can be worn inside or outside of your clothing, making them easier to conceal than other types of holsters. Some models feature adjustable cant, so you can customize how easily you can access your firearm if you choose to wear it inside the waistband (IWB).


So, there you have it. According to us, the best holsters are cross-draw designs and the cross-draw holster is our top pick. Crossdraw holsters have been around for well over a century, and they are still going strong in the 21st Century. Anybody who is looking for a new crossdraw holster should consider the advantages of these holsters. The crossdraw holsters are without a doubt a versatile and beneficial way to conceal and carry your handgun.