5 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Supplement


You should not be so amazed by the buzz around certain lifestyle supplements that you fail to do some genuine research about what the supplements hold for you. Just because it’s working for your friends or a colleague at the office doesn’t necessarily mean you should get in on it, and flow with the trend without asking questions. Typically, you’re the best person to provide answers to these questions – through the help of a professional (medical doctor) should be enlisted in some instances. So, let’s delve into these critical questions that should guide you in making an informed decision as you look for a supplement.

Why Do I Need the Supplement?

The question about your need for a supplement is more important than anything else. This is because providing a genuine response to this question will help you have a purpose – you do not want to end up buying a product that will not serve you well. Moreover, with your need clearly identified, you can proceed to look out for the stores that provide the right supplements to cater to your need. That said, your need for dietary supplementation may be made obvious based on the observations – of nutritional deficiency – of a physician.

Can I Trust This Producer or Seller?

There is a wave of unregulated supplements flooding the market. Quality is key, so it is important to verify the quality and safety of a supplement before its consumption. There are, however, a host of FDA-approved supplements available in the stores. You may have come across certain supplement ads online, with the seller or producer contact displayed, but you don’t have to fall for all the marketing gimmicks. Once at the website, you should check to see how trustworthy the company is. That may sound difficult, but you can check through reviews to see what people are saying about them. You can take a step as simple as typing the company’s name or its product(s) into the Google search bar and see what comes up. You should not negate negative reviews – remember that this is about something you will be consuming, and doing these background checks is really necessary.

How Effective is it?

You should check to know if the supplements are effective enough for your intended purpose. You can also check out reviews for this, noting what people are saying about how well the supplement worked for them – or otherwise. By doing this, you will easily find a supplement with the nutritional value you require amidst the numerous options – high effective as well as less effective ones – available.

Are These Supplements Safe for My Consumption?

This is where you may need the input of your physician, especially if you’re having a medical condition or using certain prescription drugs. There are certain supplements that cannot be used at the same time as others – for instance, taking vitamin C with vitamin B12 can bring about some uneasiness. Plus, certain lifestyle trends may also warrant that you take supplements with caution or avoid some (supplements) entirely. Another thing you should do is carefully read the label on the supplement container.

Is it too pricey?

If you’ve found a good supplement, then it’s only advisable that you go for it. But hold up a bit; you can still check around – online – to see other stores where the product may be available to take note of the price. So, this is basically about doing some price comparison, and you can hit the purchase button once you’ve got an offer you’re pleased with.

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